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Introduction & Highlights

The Ancient Tea Horse Road Tourist Attraction of Pu’er is situated to the back of the Ancient Tea Horse City, north of Pu’er City, Yunnan Province, which is known as the “World Tea Source.”

It was constructed in accordance with the national criterion for a AAAAA Class scenic spot. Covering an area of approximately 5,000 Mu, the Ancient Tea Horse Road Tourist Attraction is located at the source of the ancient tea horse road of Yunnan-Tibet Road, is 3,800 kilometres and symbolises spiritual and cultural elements from over the years.

Water Reflecting Tea Horse Area

Across magnificent Simao Chengguan, it is the Ancient Tea Horse Road Tourist Attraction of Pu’er. The “tea carriers” on the scenic Yinma Lake are trudging on the rugged ancient road, which was built up for spreading Chinese civilisation to foreign lands with their fortitude, courage and wisdom, painstaking effort and sweat. As walking into the tourist centre, the brilliant journey for exploration begins with a ticket.

Cable Car Sightseeing Area

Overlooking the prosperous urban and picturesque landscape, the cloud and fog in the sky and mountains and rivers downwards from the cableway, the Ancient Tea Horse Road Tourist Attraction is on offer.

The tea garden is embraced by the rolling mountains. With dark green water rippling and the tea ladder, layer upon layer, extending, the woods are intoxicating for tourists who can so easily be absorbed.

Ancient Road Source Tracing Area

The Ancient Tea Horse Road records commerce and trade history of humans over thousands of years. Along the ancient road, there are one-line cliffs, open flat terrains, winding paths leading to secluded quiet places and deep woods.

Rambling along the Ancient Tea Horse Road, which stretches for thousands of miles, it also shuttles in the times of five dynasties: Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing.

Caravan Tracing Area

Post house stands in great numbers on the way of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. And  horse caravans from all sides stay here to rest and talking with each other. The tea horse frontier trade is very lively with a sounding clop, jingling of horse bells, caravan’s yo-heave-ho and shouts of street vendors rising one after another. The Caravan Tracing Area brings you to pass through hundreds of years.

Ancient Tree Tea Area

The alleyways in the valley are fragrant with ancient tea, and you can walk into the ecological tea garden to experience the fun of tea picking, feel the whole process from fresh leaves to tea cakes, and make your own Big Biscuit, inheriting the traditional production technology and culture of Pu 'er tea that has lasted for thousands of years in Yunnan. 

Yemei Wetland Area

A tourist spurring a horse on a winding caravan post road with swaying water plants and freeze surroundings, how graceful it is! There are chirps and tweets as well as elegant egrets taking off and landing in the near distance from time to time. It has the most beautiful spring here.


Nearby the Travel Ring Bridge in the East of Tea Horse Ancient City Travel Town of Pu’er Avenue, Simao District, Pu’er City

Travel Tips


  1. Bus: Arrive at Lameipo Stop by No.3 Bus and go ahead to the park of Tea Horse Ancient City, and then go sightseeing according to indicators in the scenic area.
  2. Self-driving: Arrive at the park of Tea Horse Ancient City with navigation and traffic indicators, and then go sightseeing according to the indicators in the scenic area.