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Introduction & Highlights

Haba Snow Mountain is the best mountain for climbing tours in Yunnan with an elevation of 5,396 metres at the summit. It is situated to the southeast of Shangri-La, which is 120 kilometres away.

The mountain is covered by snow all-year-round and is relatively easy to ascend, making it a popular destination for amateur climbers.

This is an amazing trek not only for hiking enthusiasts, but also those who just simply love to be at one with nature.

You have to be in good physical shape though. This is not a straightforward, relaxing walk.  

As Haba Snow Mountain is not difficult to climb (technically), it is considered a perfect mountain for beginners who plan to climb the highest snow mountains in the world.

Haba Snow Mountain is about three hours from Lijiang. Due to the broad slopes & well-established climbing routes, it is an ideal place for beginners who want to experience climbing a 5000-metre-high snow mountain.

It will allow you to experience the typical process of climbing a snow mountain. From trekking to base camp, the acclimatisation climb, putting on crampons, using an ice-axe and the final summit push, you will have it all – along with thrilling views along the way.

When you drive up the mountain to the meadow, the magnificent Haba Mountain peaks will be in sight.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is hidden behind the pine forests at first, but when you walk up to the top of a slope, you will see its snowy peaks. The first bend of the Yangtze River can also be seen in the distance.

It is unbelievable that Haba Snow Mountain and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain can be seen so superbly at the same time.

The meadow is dotted with flowers in spring and summer. If you come between November and March, you can stroll among the grazing yaks.

(link to Haba Snow Mountain)

Best Time to Explore

The best season for climbing to the top is From November to February and from April to June.  Affected by the monsoon, the wind is stronger in January/February, often up to force eight or more. The wind tends to drop in November and December, which makes them the best times to visit the mountain.

May and June are also the best months because the azaleas are in full blossom at that time, and the mountain turns into a beautiful sea of azaleas.

Suggest Route

Day 1: Lijiang old city -- Tiger Leaping Gorge

Have a warm-up in Tiger Leaping Gorge. Tiger Leaping Gorge is located between the Haba Snow Mountain and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It’s considered one of China's best hikes. (1 Day)

(The link to Tiger Leaping Gorge Hike.)

Day 2: Tiger Leaping Gorge -- Haba Village

Arrive at Haba village for an overnight stay and check all your necessary equipment and preparation for the trip.

Day 3: Haba Village -- Snow Mountain meadow -- Snow Mountain valley -- Haba Base camp  

Arrive at the base camp for an overnight (4200 metres above sea level). It takes around five to six hours to reach base camp from Haba village (the distance is 15 kilometres).

On this day, you will hike up 1500 metres. As it’s a high elevation, be aware of altitude sickness. You should know how to adjust to this environment.

Day 4: Haba Base camp -- Moon Bay -- Summit Haba Snow Mountain -- Haba Village 

Before setting off on your trip, you need to get equipped with your mountaineering tools, such as rope, ice axe, ice pick, bag, solid food, a warm pot of water, clothes, headlight and climbing equipment for reaching the summit of Haba Mountain.

It’s the most difficult part for the whole trip. The higher you get, the more often you will want to stop and have a rest due to the strong wind and cold.

You will try to climb around four kilometres to the top of the Haba Snow Mountain at an altitude of 5396 metres, which will take approximately five hours.

Enjoy the wonderful scenery of Haba Snow Mountain and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain with the Yangtze River in the middle and take pictures as a wonderful souvenir. This is an experience you are sure to never forget.

It will take around eight hours to climb up to the top and back down to the base camp.


Take a bus from Lijiang or Shangri-La to Haba Village


Haba Snow Mountain is suitable for beginners, but there are still various dangers, so please be sure to find a qualified tour operator or outdoor club in advance. Under their organisation, you can make all the preparations for climbing.

Only on fine days can tourists reach the summit successfully if they follow professional climbers. But accidents can still happen, so make sure you plan your trip carefully and sensibly.