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Introduction & Highlights

Surrounded by fragrant pine trees, endless steps and a 11.5 kilometre-paved trail running along the mountain, known as the Cloud Traveller’s Path Mount Cangshan provides visitors with unforgettable hiking experiences.

Those experiences begin with the jaw-dropping views over Erhai Lake and Dali Ancient City, alongside the curvaceous cliffs that tumble down to a steep valley.

The famous Mount Cangshan, a 4000-metre high mountain looming over the city of Dali, stretches for over 50 kilometres North to South and boasts 19 peaks, the tallest being Malong at 4122 metres. Picturesque creeks run between each of the summits and serene waterfalls cascade their way down the rocks.

With recognition of being a national-level Global Geopark, Mount Cangshan is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, old temples and caves. You also get to see its snowcapped peaks, alongside flowing clouds, murmuring brooks and mists which make it one of the four best highlights of Dali.

You can choose to hike or to take a cable car to visit, but regardless of how you move around Mount Cangshan, you’re guaranteed a breathtaking experience.

 (link to the page of Mount Cangshan and Erhai Lake)


Best Time to Explore

The best time to hike above Dali is from late summer to early autumn, avoiding the rainy season. The perfect time to visit Mount Cangshan is from March to May as the mountain is carpeted with all sorts of flowers. The colourful azaleas are the most eye-catching.

Suggest Route
Route 1

Start from Dali Movie Studio and hike for about one hour on the Jade Belt Road (also known as the Cloud Traveler’s Path). It is an 18-kilometre (11-mile) paved trail that runs from South to the North of the mountain range.

1) Start from Dali Movie Studio and you will find two roads with steps leading to the Cloud Traveler’s Path and will take you around 60 minutes to reach there.  

2) The 11.5 kilometre Cloud Traveler’s Path is made of stone, is fairly flat and winds around six mountains.

It crosses five waterfalls and three temples along the way. There are also side trails jutting out from the Jade Cloud Road near the waterfalls that lead upwards to clear-clear natural pools, more waterfalls and excellent views.

3) Once you finish the path, you can relax a bit before hitting the road to get down to the foot of the mountains.


Take a car to Dali Movie Studio from Dali Old Town.


Even though the trail is well used, it is safer not to hike on your own. It might be best to travel with a partner, in a group or to take a hiking trip organised by a tour operator, should you prefer.

It is also better to bring some warm clothes with you whenever you hike in the area as the cold weather can move in quickly on the mountain tops.

The main route is not actually a difficult wild hike, since most of the time you'll be walking on concrete steps and paths.

Do not hike without a guide, especially if you’re looking to get to the summit of Mount Cangshan.

Do not hike Cangshan until you get the confirmation from local goverment. It is not allowed to hike in Cangshan this days.