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Introduction & Highlights

You will find Lugu Lake at the boundary of Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province and Ninglang County in Yunnan Province, with the area jointly administered by both provinces.

For a long time, this area has been a bit of a hidden secret. Secluded and isolated because of the difficulty in reaching here.

But with an improvement in transport links over recent years, this pearl on the plateau is increasing in popularity with visitors.  

The waters here resemble one colour, with fishing boats slowly guiding across the lake. It is a haven of tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

When the sun comes out, the waters resemble a huge mirror, turning blue and making for some spectacular vistas.

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Best time to photograph

You can visit Lugu Lake all year round, with the different seasons providing different photo opportunities.

Average shooting time

It is best to plan a visit of two to three days, so that you can truly capture the beauty of the lake in the best light possible. You will have no shortage of photo opportunities!  

Best Scenic Sites
  1. Zhaojiawan (Zhaojia Bay)


Zhaojiawan is a quiet bay in Lugu Lake. It is known as Goddess Bay because it faces the Gemu Goddess Mountain. It is the best place to capture the sunset glow over Lugu Lake.

During the Autumn and Winter mornings, when the sun rises, you will witness fog shrouding the lake. It is like an image from a fairytale. 

  1. Lige Island

Lige Island is surrounded by water on three sides and situated at the foot of Gemu Goddess Mountain. The sunrise here is amazing.

3)Caohai (SeaGrass)

Caohai is a lake area covered with thick reeds. Mosuo girls paddle their boats through the reeds to the tune of melodious Mosuo songs.

There is a romantic bridge across on Caohai Lake named Walking Marriage Bridge. It is the best place to take pictures.   

The sea of grass in Spring and Summer is green and, in Autumn and Winter, it turns from golden to yellow. No matter which season you visit, you are sure to get some amazing snaps!

  1. Daluoshui Village

Daluoshui Village is the earliest Mosuo Village developed around Lugu Lake and is now the most lively area in the region. 


Hiring a car from Lijiang is recommended to explore this area.


You have a choice of homestays and hotels near Daluoshui Village, Lige island, and Seagrass.


Some great local foods to be sampled here.

Why not be adventurous?