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Introduction & Highlights

Puzhehei is famous for its typical karst landform.

The Water Pastoral, Yi Family Water Town, Lotus World, Karst Wetland, Lake Peaks and Forests and Migratory Bird Paradise make up six of its landscapes.

Puzhehei boasts idyllic and rare scenery, with unique karst mountains and rivers that are the envy of the world.

You will find 54 lakes here, surrounded by peaks dotted with thousands of cliffs. It is a dreamy place, a wonderland that needs to be seen to be believed.

Lotus blossom, which fills entire lakes with elegant pink, stretches as far as the eye can see during the summertime.

Occasionally, passing boats break the surface of the water, causing ripples and disrupting the reflections of the blue sky, white clouds and distant mountains.

The waters are full of activity, with fish and shrimps swimming and jumping happily around in their aqua paradise.

During the winter, lingering fog adds to the dreamy-feel of this wonderful natural phenomenon.

Puzhehei has all of the ingredients of a photography playground, with so much beauty, history and seclusion. Its dramatic sky formations are also a pull.

Wildlife photographers will also be satisfied, with around 10,000 migratory birds passing through this area, including geese, swans, herons, egrets and others.

Puzhehei Swan Lake is worth a visit, where you can choose to walk or ride in battery cars and battery boats to explore the area.

Here, you can marvel at the flocks of birds and feel the harmony between people and nature.

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Best time to photograph

From the beginning of July to August and during December.

Average shooting time

Around 1.5 days are advised, so that you can capture all the best features.

Best Scenic Sites
  1. Qinglong Mountain

Qinglong Mountain is a great spot to catch the sunrise. Like other similar places in China, you will find a path of steps that will take you to the top of the hill in about 15 to 20 minutes. From there you can enjoy an almost 360° view of the entire area. 

  1. Puzhehei Lake

Puzhehei Lake is a plateau freshwater lake, also known as Lantern Lake. Local people also refer to it as Pearl Lake. The waters are clear and, during the summer, there are boats on the lake. You can also see lots of lotus blooming.

  1. Swan Lake

Swan Lake, located in Puzhehei Scenic Area, is the most representative karst wetland migratory bird habitat in the southwest of China. The joining of wetland and mountains forms a unique natural landscape and peculiar karst lake wetland ecosystem.


1. By Bus: You can take the bus at Kunming's Eastern Bus Terminal to Qiubei. The journey takes four to six hours.

2.  By High-Speed Train: Kunming South Train Station to Puzhehei. The ride is around 1 hour 15 minutes.


You will find a choice of hotels and hostels in the Puzhehei Scenic Area. Accommodation in Puzhehei is convenient.


The local food will tantalise your tastebuds, always being spicy and delicious with Qiubei-based peppers.