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Introduction & Highlights

Lincang City is in the southwest of Yunnan province at the far western edge of China near the border with Myanmar (Burma). At a latitude of 23 degrees north, Lincang sits right on the Tropic of Cancer. But it has a mild subtropical highland climate, with comfortably warm daytimes throughout the year.

Lincang sits on the banks of the Lancang River, in a gloriously mountainous region at about 598 kilometers (367 miles) distance from Yunnan's capital city of Kunming. Lincang lies at the bottom of the Hengduan and Nushan mountains. It is a land of many rivers, lush vegetation and a wide variety of beautiful and fascinating landscapes.

Lincang is home to 23 of China's ethnic minorities, the largest of which is the Wa people. Two thirds of the Wa people in all of China live in Lincang, making it the perfect place to experience the ancient Wa culture.

the Wa people

Wengding Village, a Wa village in Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County in Lincang, preserves the living culture, the historical architectural style and traditional customs of the Wa people. Local people sell crafts and creations at markets in the village. While there you can also see the astonishing Cloud Sea of Wushan Mountain, a unique and mystifying scene of natural beauty.

Wengding Village

In Lincang you can see prehistoric Rock Paintings from 3,000 years ago. They depict scenes of hunting and gathering and religious rituals in the lives of ancient Wa people.

Lincang is the highest producing region of black tea in Yunnan. It is one of the top producing regions for Pu'er tea, a unique kind of fermented tea that originated in Yunnan.

Pu'er tea

The Lincang Tea Culture Garden is a place to learn all about tea and tea culture, as well as to purchase special teas that are hard to find outside of Yunnan.

It is also the top ranking producer of nuts. Lincang has the world's largest macadamia plantation in the world. Thanks in large part to Lincang, China is the third largest producer, exporter and trader of nuts in the world, after the United States and Turkey.

Besides the above mentioned tourist attractions, other points of interest in Lincang include Big Snow Mountain, Wulaoshan National Forest Park, Wulong Mountain, Shidong Temple and Guangyun Buddhist Temple etc.

Lincang is easy to access via Lincang Airport in Boshang Town, 14 miles from Lincang city. The airport operates direct flights to and from Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Chengdu and Nanjing. For cross-country explorers who want to experience China by car, Lincang is a nine hours' drive from Kunming. Public bus service is also available.

Many travelers who are heading to Myanmar use Lincang City as a good stopover point. Three of the counties within Lancang City border on Myanmar, those are Cangyuan, Gengma and Zhenkang.

Special local products from Lincang that make good souvenirs include black tea, cane sugar and mango. But unforgettable memories of traveling in Lincang are the best souvenirs.