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Introduction & Highlights

Qujing City is a prefecture-level city in the east of Yunnan province about 130 kilometers (81 miles) east of the provincial capital Kunming. Qujing borders Guizhou province to the east and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to the southeast. That geographic position has earned it the title of “the key between Yunnan and Guizhou,” as well as the “Throat of Yunnan.”

Qujing is the origin point of the Pearl River, the largest river in South China. And it is home to a number of ethnic minority groups, including Yi, Zhuang, Miao, Hui, Yao, Buyi and Shui peoples.

The population is about 6 million, with 1.4 million living in the metro area, including Qilin District, Zhanyi District and Malong District.

The weather of Qujing is characteristic of a mild subtropical highland climate, attributable to its low latitude and moderate elevation. The weather is moderate and pleasurable year round.

It has short, mild, dry winters, and warm, rainy summers. In winter there may be frost at night, but the days always warm up again to about 15 °C (59 °F). In summer most days see some rainfall with daytime temperatures rising to about 25°C (77°F). Most of the year's rainfall happens from June to October.

March to October is when the ethnic minorities hold most of their festivals, in which they celebrate and share their traditions, customs, arts and products. It is also the time of blossoming of flowers and fruits. But May to October is the rainy season when it's good to carry a rain jacket for the passing showers.  

Qujing is known for its annual blossoming of rapeseed flowers, which spread across the landscape and light up the hillsides in brilliant shades of yellow.

Luoping Rapeseed Flowers

Qujing is also famous for the Nine Dragons Waterfalls, also known as Jiulong Waterfall, on the Jiulong River. With falling and splashing water cascading down 10 tiers of cataract, stirring up mists through the surrounding vegetation, it is a staggering display of dynamic natural beauty.

the Nine Dragons Waterfalls

Another draw for curious explorers is Tiansheng Cave, which was previously known as Xianren Cave, literally meaning "Fairy Cave" or "Celestial Being Cave" in English, which is a good description of what the experience of exploring the cave is like.

Other spectacular scenic attractions that should not be missed in Qujing include Duoyi River, Lubuge Mini Three Gorges and the First Beipan River Bridge.   

the First Beipan River Bridge

Qujing is easily accessible, only a three-hour’s drive from Kunming via National Highway 320. Buses for Qujing depart Kunming about every half hour for the three-hour trip.

Train transportation from Kunming is also readily available and high-speed rail can cut the time of the trip to as low as 45 minutes.