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Around 170,000 Mu of terraced fields make up the Yuanyang Terraces, carved out of the earth and formed thanks to the lifetime efforts of generations of Hani people over more than 1,300 years. The top level is positioned at over 3,000 steps, with slopes ranging between 15 and 75 degrees.

Located in the southern part of the mesmerising Ailao Mountain, the Yuanyang Terraces are masterpieces Hani people have left. The layered-terrace fields are located on a special terrain and are spectacular.

The Yuanyang Terraces are mainly made up of the Bada Resort, Laohuzui Resort, Duoyishu Resort and Qingkou Resort. One of the main attractions of the Yuanyang Terraces is the sunrise and sunset you can get to see from the terraced fields alongside the unique traditions of the Hani village.

Normally, locals recommend visitors to appreciate the sunrise in the Duoyishu Resort, clouds in Qingkou and sunset in Laohuzui and Bada Resorts.

There are four unique characteristics of the Yuanyang Terraces.

First: The terraced fields are spread across large areas and different shapes are continuously connected into clusters. The area of each cluster is up to 1000 Mu.

Second: The terraced fields feature steep terrain and are visible from the gentle slope of 15 degrees to the cliff of 75 degrees;

Third: There are many levels of steps, and over 3,000 steps may be found on each slope;

Fourth: The terraced fields go high, extending from the valley to the mountains with an altitude over 2,000 metres, hitting the maximum limit of rice growth.

The best season to visit Yuanyang’s terraced fields is in January and February. However, average temperature in Yuanyang may reach 12 degrees even in winter. During this period, the sunrise and sunset are splendid and a jaw-dropping spectacle not to be missed.

The 170,000-Mu terraced landscape in Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province is enchanting every Spring and Winter. Everything, including the terraced fields filled with water, the changeable cluster of clouds and extremely comfortable and warm sun are dizzying on the eye.

If you want to see the cluster of clouds, you can do so before or after the Spring Festival. The scenery becomes even more idyllic thanks to the wild cherry, kapok, peach and birch leaf pear blossoms bringing vibrant red and white colours to the mountains before and after the Lantern Festival.

How to Get There

1. Public transport: Kunming-Yuanyang shuttle bus from Kunming South Bus Terminal, 139 Yuan/person, 5-6 hour journey. The minibus, with a fare of 5-10 Yuan, is available from Xinjie Town.  

2. Chartered bus: The one-day terrace tour on a chartered bus, starting from the former county will cost around 300 Yuan, whilst it will cost about 100 Yuan to visit Laohuzui; visiting Duoyishu for watching the sunrise will cost approximately 150-200 Yuan, with a distance of around 40 kilometres.

3. Self-driving: About one hour of driving from Yuanyang County - S214 - Yuanyang Terraces with the distance of about 40 kilometres.

Ticket Price

1. One Day Pass: Full-price ticket is 100 Yuan/person, half-price ticket costs 50 Yuan/person (including Qingkou Customs Village, Laohuzui Resort, Bada Resort)

2. Multi-Day Pass: Full-price ticket of 180 Yuan/person, half-price ticket of 90 Yuan/person (access to Qingkou Customs Village, Laohugou Resort, Bada Resort and Duoyishu Resort with the ticket within 10 days)

3. Annual Pass: Full-price ticket of 360 Yuan/person, half-price ticket of 180 Yuan/person (access to Qingkou Customs Village, Laohugou Resort, Bada Resort and Duoyishu Resort with the ticket within one year)