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"With the diversification of Chinese New Year celebrations in recent years, the focal point of the Spring Festival is no longer confined to homes, as travel destinations adorned with festive charm have become popular choices. In addition to the traditional family reunions, many people plan spontaneous trips during the holiday.

Yunnan, with its blue skies, white clouds, winter sunshine, captivating landscapes, and blooming flowers, is among the favoured Spring Festival travel destinations. Experience a different Spring Festival in Yunnan.

During the 2024 Spring Festival, Kunming and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan became prominent tourist destinations nationwide. On the first day of the Kunming Spring Festival holiday, tourism booking orders increased by 131 percent, and ticket orders surged by 286 percent compared to the previous year. The top five popular scenic spots are: Yunnan Ethnic Village, Yunnan Wild Animal Park, Colourful Yunnan Happy World, Western Hills Scenic Area, and the "Yunnan Impression" performance.

Experience three top tourism destinations in Yunnan during the Spring Festival:

Explore Kunming, Visit the Flower Market, and Interact with Black-headed Gulls:

Kunming is renowned as the "Spring City." It serves as a hub for Yunnan tourism and is a must-visit destination for the Spring Festival. In winter, Kunming is adorned with blooming flowers, including cherry blossoms, tulips, and camellias, creating a splendid and fragrant city. When in Kunming, a visit to Dounan, the largest flower market in Asia, is a must.

Don't miss out on the local cuisine in Kunming, including signature dishes like steam pot chicken, Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles, Yiliang roast duck, Lao Nai Yang taro, and Doudou shaomai. Try the Red Braised Chicken Mushroom, a unique local dish with a delicious, sweet, tender, and fragrant taste that can rival chicken meat, promoting digestion and refreshing the mind.

During the Spring Festival in Kunming, get up close and personal with the black-headed gulls. Every winter, tens of thousands of the birds migrate from Siberia to Kunming. Cuihu Park and Haigeng Dam Park are great places to witness these lovely creatures frolicking in the water. Prepare some dry bread to feed them and enjoy the delightful spectacle, fostering a harmonious interaction between humans and nature under the winter sun.

Visit Luoping, Admire Rapeseed Flowers, and Appreciate the World's Largest Bagua Fields:

Luoping in Qujing is famous for its rapeseed flowers, boasting an area of over one million mu (around 667 square kilometres), making it the largest rapeseed flower scenic area in the country. Luoping is also the first place in China where rapeseed flowers bloom, making the period from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival the best time for viewing. Upon entering Luoping, you'll be greeted by a world painted in golden hues.

The best viewing points for rapeseed flowers in Luoping are the Jinji Fengcong Cluster Area and Niujie Luositan Terraces. Jinji Fengcong is a core scenic area of Luoping, featuring a vast expanse of mountain peaks and valleys. The conical small hills resemble pyramids, interspersed with vast fields of golden rapeseed flowers, creating a visually stunning scene, and providing excellent opportunities for capturing sunrise and sunset.

Niujie Luositan Terraces showcase a natural landscape formed by karst funnel topography. Layered terraces naturally encircle the area, resembling spirals of screws. In the winter and spring seasons, these terraces are covered in golden rapeseed flowers, while wheat fields are lush green, creating a picturesque rural landscape.c

Visit Dali, stroll through the Ancient City, cycle around Erhai Lake, and Enjoy the Scenic Beauty:

Dali evokes a sense of nostalgia and is a favourite destination for the artistic and literary crowd. The city offers many attractions, such as strolling through Xizhou Ancient Town, exploring its deep alleys and ancient archways, and admiring the ancient square street plaques; visiting Chongsheng Temple and observing the three pagodas standing majestically between Cangshan and Erhai, experiencing the solemnity of this royal temple.

Dali's ancient city is situated to the east of Erhai Lake and leans against the Cangshan Mountain. You can explore Fuxing Road Pedestrian Street, where you’ll come across unique ethnic items on sale. At night, head to Foreigner Street and People's Road, find a characteristic bar, enjoy a cup of coffee, and listen to live performances by resident singers for a unique and vibrant experience. Don't miss the opportunity to take photos at the popular White Bench Glass Ball.

Visit Jizhao Nunnery and try the vegetarian meals. Unlike other temples with the lingering scent of incense, Jizhao is more focused on your heart.

How many expressions are there for the festive atmosphere? Perhaps everyone has their own answer. The festive atmosphere is marked by fireworks and lively and joyous celebrations. Traveling to Yunnan for the Spring Festival has become a new trend.