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On the afternoon of 2 February, the press conference for 'Co-building and Sharing a Life Called Yunnan: Igniting the Dragon Year's Spring' was held in Kunming. Officials from the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism attended the event, providing information and responding to questions from reporters.

As a nationally renowned tourism powerhouse, Yunnan boasts pleasant climate conditions, abundant tourism resources, and vibrant ethnic cultures. It is renowned as the "Kingdom of Plants," "Kingdom of Animals," and the "World's Garden."

The press conference was held in Kunming on the eve of the 2024 Chinese New Year to present a rich and distinctive array of activities during the Yunnan Cultural Tourism New Year and extend a warm invitation to both domestic and international tourists to once again experience the unique lifestyle known as "Yunnan."

According to the introduction, to enrich holiday experiences and meet festive demands, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has organised the 2024 Spring Festival-themed cultural and tourism activities under the theme "Joyful Celebration of the New Year."

The Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism actively responded to the ministry's "Joyful Celebration of the New Year" initiative and will launch the "Co-building and Sharing a Life Called Yunnan: Igniting the Dragon Year's Spring" series of cultural tourism activities.

This aims to create a positive atmosphere for New Year travel, stimulate the vitality of the province's Spring Festival holiday tourism market, and continually enhance the appeal of the "Yunnan Lifestyle" cultural tourism brand.

As part of the "Joyful Celebration of the New Year,” the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will conduct 30 series of Spring Festival-themed events. These include:

Cultural Welcome to Spring, Art for the People:

"Spring of Colourful Clouds" – Cultural benefit performances and three other series of cultural outreach activities.

Spring Reaches Every Home:

"I Serve the Masses – Culture into Every Home" and four other series of mass cultural activities.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Celebrates the New Year:

"Culture into Every Home – Video Livestream of Hometown New Year" and "Intangible Cultural Heritage Celebrates the Abundant Year," among six other series of activities.

Tourism Welcomes Spring, Leisurely New Year:

"New Year Tour · New Year Customs" and three other series of leisurely tourism activities.

Benefiting Enterprises, Delighting the People, Celebrating the New Year:

"First Yunnan Folk Song Singing Contest (Qujing Special)" and three other series of activities.

Celebrating the New Year in Museums:

"Celebrating the New Year in Museums" and two other series of cultural experience activities.

Joyful Spring Festival:

"China-Vietnam Cross-border Spring Festival Gala and Border People's Grand Celebration" and six other series of overseas cultural tourism promotion activities.

Additionally, there will be thematic promotion and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage to promote outstanding traditional Chinese culture. Yunnan's unique intangible cultural heritage will be showcased through a microfilm promotional video titled "Entering the 'Yunnan Lifestyle' · Igniting the Dragon Year's Spring," and 10 intangible cultural heritage-themed tourism routes will be launched, centred around the theme of returning home for the Chinese New Year.

Furthermore, a Yunnan cultural tourism photography collection activity will be initiated to deepen the "culture and tourism + photography" promotional model. Traveling represents people's aspirations and experiences of a beautiful life, while photography serves as a way to deeply record and artistically express life, possessing commemorative, recording, and communicative qualities.

The Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will organise the "Yunsheng Haojing · Fenghua Yunji" cultural tourism photography collection activity, encouraging widespread participation and collectively building and sharing the "Yunnan Lifestyle."

As the Spring Festival approaches, Yunnan warmly invites domestic and international tourists to celebrate the Chinese New Year joyfully in Yunnan, collectively experiencing the unique "Yunnan Lifestyle" and igniting the Dragon Year's Spring.

Cultural Tourism Headlines Multimedia Reporter: Li Ya

Editor: Tong Wenwen

Review: Gu Wenli