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Yulong (Jade Dragon) Snow Mountain, Lijiang

The Highland Regions of Yunnan offer some of the most moving scenery in the world, highlighted by the great majestic mountain peaks of Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Meri Snow Mountain.

Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the most famous sacred mountain in Yunnan Province. It is a glorious sight at any time of year. Each season brings its own draperies of color. In summer you see the deep green of the forest. In fall the forests change to yellows, reds and browns and in winter a blanket of snow descends from the mountaintop to the surrounding landscape.

The best time of year to visit Meri Snow Mountain is the period from October to May. For many visitors, the best moment of the year is just after the end of October, when the days are sunny and the air is crisp and clear. It is when the atmosphere is clearest that you can get the best view of even the highest peak in the range. The best time of day to see the snow on the mountain is in the morning soon after sunrise.

Meri Snow Mountain

Travel Tips

When you are traveling to mountain country you need to have a jacket on hand, and it is advisable to dress in layers of clothing that you can add or subtract to adjust to a range of temperatures and weather conditions that change with altitude, time of day and time of year.

When hiking it is wise to outfit yourself with the basic hiking gear, such as comfortable and tough shoes, sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, GPS device, camera and water bottle. Some trail mix to snack on to replenish your energies is always a good thing to have.