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Kingdom of Plants

City of Flower_The world's largest flower greenhouse

Yunnan Province has a greater variety and abundance of plant life than anywhere else in China, including plants that live in tropical, subtropical, temperate and cold temperate zones. The range of diversity runs from ancient species to the derivative and exotic species. Of some 30,000 species of plants in all of China, Yunnan has 19,365 of them. With more than half the species of all of China in one province, Yunnan has been called the "Kingdom of Plants." More than half of the province, 56%, is forested.

Yunnan is a "Natural Garden" with 2,100 kinds of ornamental plants, including 1,500 flowers. Camellia, Azalea, Primula, Lily, Yulan, Orchid, Gentiana, Meconopsis are the eight famous flowers in Yunnan province. Yunnan has more than 100 species of tea flowers, more than 30 species of brilliantly colored Azalea flowering bushes, and more than 100 species of tea flowers.

In 2015, Yunnan produced nearly 8.7 billion fresh-cut flowers. Yunnan has become the largest export base of fresh cut flowers in Asia. More than 60% of China’s fresh-cut flower exports come from Yunnan. 

 Kingdom of Animals

Black-necked Crane

Yunnan possesses one of the richest arrays of wild animals in the world. The province is home to 22,737 species of vertebrates alone, 52.1% of the national number. Indigenous wildlife includes ancient species like lesser panda and antelope, and 46 kinds of nationally protected species, including the Asian elephants, rhinopithecus bietis, buffs, Bengal tigers and gibbons.

Kingdom of Non-ferrous Metal

Gejiu was praised as the capital of Tin

Yunnan has a great abundance of mineral reserves including a great diversity of types of mineral reserves. Of the 171 minerals that have been found in China, Yunnan has 143 of them, including great reserves of aluminum, zinc and tin.