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Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture

One of the most remote counties in China, Xishuangbanna is a tropical wonderland. It is located at the southern extreme of Yunnan Province and shares long borders with both Myanmar and Laos. It is also very near to Thailand and has been called the Thailand of China.

Buddhist Temple

Xishuangbanna is home to one of China’s two tropical forests (the other one is on Hainan Island). Xishuangbanna is a land of magnificent wildlife, including herds of Asian elephants, as well as tigers, leopards, monkeys and countless species of plants, birds and insects. It is also the home of the Dai ethnic minority and a number of other ethnic minorities.

Manting Park

The average temperature during winter in Xishuangbanna is 21.8 degrees C (71.24 degrees F). It's a very warm and pleasant climate at that time of year. The best time of year to visit is from November to April. The month of April brings the additional attraction of the local ethnic festival, the Water Splashing Festival.

There are essentially two seasons in Xishuangbanna: the rainy season from May to August and the dry season from September to April. In the rainy season it rains often for short periods, but is very hot. In the dry season it rains much less, and the temperatures are more comfortable. However, the rainy season does have the advantage of having fewer tourists.

To get to Xishuangbanna, you can fly into Jinghong, or take a bus from Kunming, about an eight-hour bus trip.

Travel Tips

Xishuangbanna is the tropical jungle, so it is wise to dress appropriately, with light, loose clothing, sunglasses, sun hat, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent. During the day, sandals, shorts and t-shirts are enough clothing. But temperatures drop at night, so be sure to bring some warm layers too, such as a jacket or sweater.