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Introduction & Highlights

The Luoping International Canola Flower Culture Tourism Festival is an annual event that takes place in Luoping County, Yunnan Province, China. It is one of the most popular festivals in Yunnan Province and is held from late February to early April.

The festival offers a unique experience, creating harmony between us humans and nature.

The festival celebrates the blooming of the canola flowers, which transform the landscape into a vibrant sea of yellow, attracting visitors from all over the world. With many typical Karst hills dotted on the flat farmland and the green land transforming into a golden sea of flowers, Luoping has become “the Largest Natural Garden in the World.”

"I think this is one of the most beautiful views in Yunnan Province. The yellow flower ocean goes with the blue sky," a Dutch tourist commented.

With this spectacle as its backdrop, Luoping County is organising a series of activities to boost tourism, including the International Canola Flower Cultural Tourism Festival.

The festival highlights principles of “tourism+culture”, “tourism+art” and “tourism+sports” including “beautiful Luoping, healthy Luoping, artistic Luoping, Luoping of ethnic minority customs, research in Luoping, cultural innovation in Luoping, and food in Luoping.”

During these months, you can not only admire the yellow flowers but also watch or participate in different activities, like art performances, painting exhibitions, or even a marathon in the flower ocean.

Here are some highlights of the festival:

1. Spectacular Scenery: The festival takes place in Luoping County, which is known for its stunning canola fields. During the festival, the entire region is covered in a carpet of yellow flowers, creating a beautiful and awe-inspiring sight.

2. Cultural Activities: The festival offers a variety of cultural activities for visitors to experience, such as traditional dance performances, music concerts, and art exhibitions. Visitors can also participate in local customs, such as making sticky rice cakes and hand-woven brocade.

3. Outdoor Adventures: The festival also offers a range of outdoor activities, such as hot-air balloon rides, hiking, and cycling. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the canola fields with a bird's-eye view or up close.

4. Food: The festival is also a great opportunity to sample local cuisine. Visitors can try local delicacies, such as the famous Luoping Baba (a type of pancake) and enjoy the unique flavours of Yunnan Province.

5. Nightlife: The festival also features vibrant nightlife, with colourful light shows and firework displays. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the canola fields at night and experience the festive atmosphere.

Overall, the Luoping International Canola Flower Culture Tourism Festival is a must-see event for anyone visiting Yunnan Province in China. With its stunning scenery, cultural activities, outdoor adventures, and delicious cuisine, the festival offers a unique and unforgettable experience for all visitors.

Ethnic Minorities



Luoping, Yunnan,China

Holding Time

During February to April