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The Yunnan Province in southwest China is moving onto the center stage of world travel as more and more people discover the region as a stunning travel destination, with a great variety of breathtaking scenery, amazing natural attractions and rich multicultural diversity.

Larger than the state of Montana in the USA, the mountainous province borders Vietnam and Laos to the south and Myanmar to the west. With its proximity to those Southeast Asian countries, while also bordering on the Chinese provinces of Guizhou and Sichuan as well as the autonomous regions of Guangxi and Tibet, Yunnan province is one of the richest cultural crossroads in the world.

As a stop along the historic route of the ancient Southern Silk Road, Yunnan has developed a culture that was enriched through thousands of years of trade and cultural exchange with many different countries and regions. The centuries of cultural cross fertilization has made Yunnan a vibrant, exciting place to be, and it offers its lively cultural electricity to everyone who visits Yunnan Province.

Yunnan is home to 25 of China’s 56 ethnic minorities, and they all still proudly celebrate their traditional cultures and happily share their cultures with people from other cultures. With so much cultural diversity, developed over thousands of years, Yunnan has a cultural vibrance and richness rarely matched anywhere in the world.

Possibly the greatest things about Yunnan Province is the land itself, a tremendously diverse region that combines many of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring landscapes to be found anywhere.

Yunnan has some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes, with an unbelievably wide range of different kinds of geological features, including giant, snow-capped mountains, shining lakes, deep gorges and tropical rainforest, as well as glaciers, hot springs and volcanoes.

With tremendous geological diversity and wide expanses of wilderness areas, Yunnan is becoming known as an ideal destination for outdoor sports and activities.

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