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Enjoy the Wild Mushrooms and Climbing in Wuding.


The rainy season is not the favourite time of the year for many people. But in Yunnan, it is welcome because it helps wild mushrooms to grow and flourish.

Wild mushrooms are a favourite food in the province, with locals passionate about them, almost obsessive! As a visitor, the taste is to be discovered and enjoyed and no doubt you will fall in love with this culinary treat.

The best time to eat wild mushrooms is from July to August each year. Do a one-day trip to Wuding and you can enjoy a rather special hotpot made from them.

Climbing mountain

Shizi Mountain (means lion in Chinese) can be found in Wuidng County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture. The peak of the mountain is 2419.8 metres above sea level. The elevation difference with Wuding County is around 680 metres, with the scenic areas spanning 13.6 square kilometres, with more than 30 spots.

One of the best places to visit in the Shizi Mountain area is the Zhengxu Temple, which has a history dating back more than 670 years. Good maintenance has ensured that it is well preserved.  

Peony Garden

Every spring and summer season, there are over 20 species of flowers blooming in the Shizi Mountain area, with the peony considered to be the most attractive. The flower has a long history here, which can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty.

Peony is regarded as a traditional floral symbol of China and is also known as the “king of the flowers.” The colourful peony in full bloom brings joy to many who see it.

Self driving route: Kunming →G5 Kunwu High Way → Wuding → Wuding Shizi Mountain

Visit Wild Mushroom Market

In old Wuding town, you will come across the Wild Mushroom Market. It is busiest from 2 to 5pm each day. Local people pick mushrooms in the morning and then sell them during the afternoon.

At the market, you can find almost all the types of wild mushrooms that Yunnan has to offer, such as chanterelle, tricholoma matsutake, boletus and russula virescens.

Eat wild mushrooms hot pot

When in Wuding, trying the wild mushroom hotpot is a must. You will find many restaurants selling it near to the market. They all offer a delicious dish.

In Yunnan, locals have many different methods of cooking wild mushrooms, like stir fry and deep fry. But the best way to eat wild mushrooms in Wuding is by trying the hotpot.

It is made by using chicken broth as the soup stock. Three or four varieties of freshly-picked wild mushrooms are then added. It is then cooked for 40 minutes over a high heat, with aromas billowing into the air. Then it is ready to eat.

The high-heat cooking can ensure that the mushrooms are free of toxins and are safe to eat.


Do not eat unfamiliar mushrooms, and do not overeat them at one time. Do not drink alcohol when eating mushrooms because it can produce toxic components, resulting in poisoning.

The symptoms of poisoning are complex and diverse, and the common response to most of them is gastroenteritis, with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. In addition, neurological poisoning may result in hallucinations, insanity and other conditions. There are also risks of liver damage and hemolysis poisoning types. 

If food poisoning occurs, you should vomit as soon as possible and seek urgent medical help at a hospital. It is helpful to bring mushroom samples with you.