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27 Mar, 2024

Yunnan Tea Gardens in Full Bloom

Jade Jewelry

Jade is one of the most mysterious and coveted precious stones in the world, and Yunnan province is probably the best place in the world to find fine, finished pieces of jade jewelry.
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It is known to be helpful to maintaining good health of the stomach, spleen, kidneys and lungs. It is grown mostly in the Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces of China.
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Pu’er Tea

Pu’er tea is a specialty of Yunnan Province that is one of the most sought-after teas in the world. It's a fermented tea that gets better with age.

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Gastrodia Elata

Gastrodia elata is an orchid, a saprophytic perennial herb in the family Orchidaceae. It's used in traditional Chinese medicine and cuisine.
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The Chinese herb pseudo-ginseng has been used for hundreds of years in China to improve the overall health of the human body by adjusting the internal balance.
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Flower Cake

It is a rare delicacy that is only available for part of the year because it's made using the petals of roses, which have a limited flowering period.
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Coffee is a favorite beverage in Yunnan, as well as a valuable export. Yunnan has a broadly based coffee industry.
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Bai Tie-dyeing

One of the Bai people's favorite art forms is tie dye. The craft has been handed down from one generation to the next for centuries. T
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Jianchuan Woodcarving

The Bai people of Jianchuan County in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan have developed woodcarving to a high level of artistry over thousands of years of practice.
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