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Introduction & Highlights

Hidden in the eastern part of Pihu Nu Nationality Township, Fugong County, Nujiang Prefecture, in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province, lies a paradise on earth - Laomudeng Village.

Laomudeng, translated from the Nu nationality language, means "a place people love to come to." Situated on the mountainside of the Biluo Snow Mountain, it is an ancient and mysterious Nu nationality village, often referred to as the "most beautiful village in China."

Laomudeng Village, a kind of terraced settlement, is along the scenic route of the Nujiang Beautiful Highway and benefits from a prominent geographical location. The village is an essential stop for those heading to Ziziluo, also known as the "City of Memories."

At the foot of the mountain lies the Nujiang Gorge, where the river rushes and rolls, harmoniously coexisting with the mountains and roads, resembling a wild and powerful steed galloping, its roars echoing through the mountains.

The Nujiang Grand Canyon offers not only spectacular views but also a sense of strength. Standing at the observation deck at the village entrance, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Nujiang Grand Canyon, the "Crown Mountain" and the "Stone Moon" of Gaoligong Mountain. Under the shroud of clouds and mist, these sights transform into a captivating and enchanting scene. This spot also serves as the best vantage point to overlook the Nujiang Grand Canyon.

Laomudeng is a Nu nationality village, where houses are scattered along the mountainside. Stone paths wind through the village, consisting of numerous steps, allowing visitors to leisurely appreciate the traditional Nu nationality dwellings. In the early morning, the village is enveloped in white mist, revealing the vague silhouettes of houses on the mountain slope. Peaks emerge and disappear within the mist, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

Walking on the cement road that encircles the village, new houses with decorated walls and fences stand harmoniously against the backdrop of lush green fields. Around the village, guesthouses, farmhouses, and tea plantations built against the mountain complement each other, providing a breathtaking view.

The most stunning sight is the "Crown Mountain" of Gaoligong Mountain on the opposite side. A dense sea of clouds shrouds its summit, casting a veil-like shadow. Sunlight illuminates the snow-capped peaks, creating a silver glow that accentuates the majestic Crown Mountain. As the mist disperses, the true appearance of the Crown Mountain is revealed under the sunlight, radiating its brilliance. Many people are drawn to the beauty of the Crown Mountain and come to Laomudeng Village specifically to witness its magnificence. The village also features an observation platform where visitors can admire the charm of the Crown Mountain, making it an excellent choice for experiencing the mountain's beauty.

Beyond the natural beauty, Laomudeng also boasts a cliffside church. With its blue-brick walls, red-painted wooden windows, and corrugated iron roof, the architecture's white walls and red windows are particularly attention-grabbing. In front of the church is a pond, reflecting the church, the village, the distant Crown Mountain, and the trees. The scene is splendid and breathtaking, evoking a sense of awe. Standing before the Laomudeng Church, the building's white walls and red windows are mirrored in the water, backed by the imposing mountains, accentuating its uniqueness.

Across the village lies Gaoligong Mountain, and beyond its summit lies Myanmar. The northern end of the mountain features the renowned "Crown Mountain," a peak that bears a striking resemblance to a crown resting majestically atop the highest point. This unique natural formation stands out among the surrounding mountains, appearing as if nature itself meticulously carved it into existence.

Entering Laomudeng, the village has shed its former desolate appearance with the opening of roads. The village now exudes tranquility and beauty. Houses with distinct ethnic characteristics are built against the mountainside. As you stroll along the gentle slope into the village and immerse yourself in the panoramic view of Gaoligong Mountain's grandeur, you can savor a bowl of authentic Lisu minced meat rice, accompanied by delicious local farmhouse dishes and a cup of Yunnan red tea or homemade corn wine. The dual impact of visual and gustatory delights will undoubtedly leave you with endless memories and a reluctance to leave.

Alternatively, when you're tired from walking, find a shaded spot, listen to the melodious Nu nationality folk song "O Dedede," engage in casual conversation with the locals, and immerse yourself in the unique charm of the village.

Present-day Laomudeng is no longer an inaccessible paradise hidden deep within the mountains; it has transformed into a village with a fresh outlook and a promising future, earning its title as one of China's most beautiful villages!


Fugong County, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province,China

Travel Tips
  1. The road to Laomudeng Village is a township road with asphalt paving, but it's winding. Self-driving is the most convenient option.
  2. Accommodation options mainly consist of homestays, and the lodging conditions may not be ideal. They may not be able to accommodate foreign guests.