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Introduction & Highlights

Jiuxiang Cave, known as the "Museum of Karst Caves" by geologists, is the largest, most numerous, and most peculiar Karst cave group in China. It is a comprehensive scenic region that combines natural scenery, cultural landscapes, and local ethnic customs.

Jiuxiang Cave, also referred to as Jiuxiang Scenic Region, is situated in the mountainous area of Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township in Yiliang County, with an elevation ranging from 1750m to 1900m. It is located 30km from the Stone Forest and 90km from the city center of Kunming.

Jiuxiang caves comprise over 100 caves, of which only 60 have been explored, making it the most spectacular cave system in China. Waterfalls, an underground river, forests, huge caves, and unique fauna are all part of this extensive complex. It is also the most magnificent underground canyon in China, stretching approximately 700 metres in length and with a depth of nearly 100 metres.

The cave formations are incredibly diverse, and the presence of rivers, waterfalls, and natural rock bridges add to the enchanting atmosphere. With its lush forests and abundant animal and plant resources, Jiuxiang Scenic Region offers a variety of colourful underground palaces, grand Karst stone terraces, crystal-clear rapid streams, magnificent twin waterfalls, and natural rock bridges, all contributing to its captivating allure.

The main scenic spots within the region include Green Shady Valley, Grand Underground Valley, Grand Lion Hall, Fairy Palace, Twin Waterfalls, Fairy Fields, and Bat Cave, among others.

Upon entering, you can descend a set of stairs and, if desired, take a boat ride for about one km. Although the ride is short, the view is truly breathtaking. This area is known as Green Shady Valley.

After the boat ride, a small path leads into the first cave. The path has been carved along one side of a deep gorge, creating a truly spectacular sight. This gorge is called Terrifying Gorge, named in honor of the people who endeavored to open up this trail.

Grand Lion Hall - Setting for the movie "The Myth"

The Grand Lion Hall is the world's largest underground hall, covering a total area of 15,000 square metres and capable of accommodating up to 10,000 visitors. The cave's roof is a massive unsupported rock. In the movie "The Myth," the scene where Jackie Chan and Kim Hee Sun fly around in the mausoleum was filmed in this underground hall.


Yi Hui Township, Jiuxiang, Yiliang County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province.

Travel Tips

1. Tourists can reach Jiuxiang Cave by private car or bus transfer.

2. It is suitable for travel throughout the year, but summer is the best season to enjoy a boat ride through the valley, when there is pleasant weather.

3. Be prepared to climb, as ascending the 336 steps leading to the Bat Cave can be challenging for some. Sedan chairs are available for hire at a cost of approximately 60 yuan.

4. Wearing comfortable shoes is recommended as you will be walking inside the caves for around three hours.

5. The path inside the caves can be narrow and uneven in some places, with overhanging rocks, so always make sure you watch your step.