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Introduction & Highlights

Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture is on the extreme western end of Yunnan Province and of China itself. Dehong Dai and Jingpo is a piece of China that extends into Myanmar (Burma) almost like a peninsula, surrounded to the north, west and south by Burma. On its east side it borders Baoshan City.

It is located in the southwestern part of the Hengduan Mountains, west of Gaoligong Mountain in the gorges of western Yunnan. It is a landscape of great mountains and mighty rivers.

About half of Dehong's population is comprised of Han Chinese. Most of the other half are Dai and Jingpo ethnic minorities. The people of Dehong live in close proximity and harmony with their Burmese neighbors, sharing customs and language. At the border there is a swing on which you can ride to Burma from Dehong.  

Munao Zongge Festival

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Dehong is the Yunyan Pagoda, an important Buddhist tower of Hinayana on the Yunyan Hill in Yingjiang County. Standing near a forest of banyan trees, the pagoda is near where the Munao Festival of the Jingpo and Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai are held.

The Tree-Wrapped Pagoda in Youyi Road of Mangshi is a brick pagoda that gradually over a long period of time became enclosed and entangled in the roots of a huge banyan tree. It is believed to be the earliest Buddhist pagoda built by local Dai people. Near it is the Bodhi Temple, which houses murals, sutras and art treasures of the Dai ethnic group preserved over centuries.

The Tree-Wrapped Pagoda

The Jiegao Border Trade Zone is a fascinating and lively place along the southeast bank of Ruili River where there are more than 15 trading streets where merchants congregate to sell their products. The largest of the shopping streets is Zhongmian Street.

In Ruili City, there is another popular shopping district known as Bianmao Steet or Xingshi Jie, where visitors can find distinctive local products of both Burmese local Dai merchants and craftspeople. At night the district becomes a center of the nightlife of the area, buzzing with activity.

Jiegao Border of Ruili

Dehong is a trading center for Jadeite and other precious stones. Local products that are characteristic of Dehong and make good souvenirs include various kinds of handicrafts, fossil jade and embroidery. Foods that are especially characteristic of Dehong include Huilong Tea of Lianghe County and dried beef.

Dried Beef

Other scenic sites to visit in Dehong include Ruili One Village-Two Countries Scenic Area, Dadenghan Dai Village, Daying River, Foguang Temple and Mengba Naxi Garden.