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Winter Flower Viewing in Tengchong, Yunnan_02

Yunnan, a province encompassing diverse climates from south to north, offers different weather and scenery within just a few miles. To witness the most beautiful aspects of Yunnan, it's crucial to choose the right time and season. While most of China is experiencing cold winds and snow-covered landscapes, Tengchong in Yunnan is a unique winter beauty. Bathed in winter sunlight, the landscape is filled with green mountains, serene rivers, ancient towns, and vibrant flowers, transforming winter into a spring-like paradise.

3. Camellia Flowers

Charming and vibrant, nestled among layers of green leaves. White camellias are elegant, red ones are lively, and pink ones are delicate. The golden stamens and emerald-green leaves create a picturesque scene. Even without blooming, a tree covered in green is a beautiful sight. In Tengchong, camellia flowers can be found on every mountain and in every village. Over centuries of camellia cultivation history, a rich camellia culture has been developed.

Red oil camellia trees have graceful forms, and their flowers are cold and elegant, blooming throughout the entire winter. When other flowers have withered, Tengchong's thousands of acres of red oil camellias bloom vigorously, covering the mountains and branches.

Recommended Locations:

Hemu Village:

According to research, the camellia flowers in Hemu Village are one of the original populations of Yunnan camellias, growing wild and full of wild charm. It is renowned as the "Hometown of Yunnan Camellias." The village has over 40,000 red oil camellia trees, with the oldest one being over 800 years old. It is also home to more than 5,000 trees which are over 200 years old, earning the village the title of "China's Number One Village of Red Oil Camellias."

Nearby attractions include Gaoshan Wulong Tea Scenic Area, Volcano Park, Phoenix Eden Garden, and Wan Yao Tu Tao Village. The best viewing period is from December to March, with February being the most beautiful.

Laifengshan Camellia Flower Base:

Laifengshan Camellia Flower Base cultivates a variety of camellia species, including Hentian Gao, Tongzi Mian, Peony Flower, Butterfly Wing, Chrysanthemum Petal, and Pine Cone Scale, among others. Nearby attractions include Laifengshan. The Laifengshan Camellia Flower Base is generally open around the time of the Spring Festival.

4. Plum Blossoms

Gracefully thin and tilted, charming and delightful. "In the jade moonlight, the jade drum is clear. The small plum is sparsely shadowed by the water." Even when not in full bloom, with branches of sparse plum blossoms, it remains beautiful. When the wind blows, petals fall like snow.

Recommended Viewing Spots:

Volcano Park:

Originally, there were large plum groves from the foot of the mountain to the entrance of the Volcano Park. After reconstruction, some plum trees still remain. Climbing up to witness the volcanic wonders allows you to enjoy the plum blossoms at the same time, a two-in-one experience with great value. Plum blossoms generally bloom from January to February.

Zhongying Plum Forest:

Zhongying Plum Forest is currently the largest area in Tengchong with planted plum trees. Plum blossoms generally bloom from January to February.