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Introduction & Highlights

The Yunnan Nationalities Village, also known as the Yunnan Ethnic Village, is a theme park that displays the cultures of Yunnan Province's 26 ethnic minorities in one place. It is located in the southwest suburbs of Kunming at the foot of the Western Hills next to Dianchi Lake. The village sits on a narrow peninsula at the north shore of the lake.

The village was designed to showcase not only the cultures of the 26 minorities, but also the beautiful natural landscapes of the area.

The village consists of many smaller villages representing the different cultural groups. It covers an area of 84 hectares (208 acres), including 31 hectares (76 acres) of water.

It offers shows and singing and dancing performances, folklore and wax museums, and replicas of the kinds of buildings found in the villages of each ethnic group, including the  Bai, Buyi, Dai, Lahu, Miao, Naxi, Pumi, Shuyi, Tibetan and Yi. There is a tremendous range of styles of ethnic handicrafts, jewelry and clothing on sale.

Set in a beautiful environment of lofty hills, shining pools, traditional houses and colorful and rare plants, the Yunnan Nationalities Village showcases the architectural styles, religious beliefs, and folk customs of all the ethnic groups in detail. Visitors can see the various architectural styles, different modes of dress and distinct customs of the great variety of cultures in Yunnan.

Visiting the village during one of the festivals provides an extra dimension of pleasure. Some of the notable festivals that are celebrated in the village include the Water-Splashing Festival of Dai minority (April 13-16), the Torch Festival of Yi minority (June 24 in the lunar calendar), the New Rice Festival of Jinuo minority, around the end of July and the beginning of August, and the Third Month Fair of the Bai people in late April.


No. 1310, Dianchi Road, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

Travel Tips

The Yunnan Nationalities Village is open daily 9 am-6 pm. You can reach it by taking bus 24/44 from Kunming Station or bus 7 from downtown Kunming city.

If you take one of the bus lines numbered 73, 94, 135, 165, 172, 184, 233, A1, A4, or A9, get off at (Yunnan Minzucun) Yunnan Nationalities Village station.

The village is near the Western Hill Forest Park and Dianchi Lake on Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the village is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from Kunming.

There are hotels near the Yunnan Nationalities Village in the area near Dian Lake, including the Kunming Redolence Garden Boutique Hotel, the luxury, five-star HUALUXE Hotels & Resorts Kunming and the T&T Story Hotel (Nationalities Village).

The Kunming Uchoice Hotel and the Enjoying International Hotel are both convenient for downtown Kunming.