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Introduction & Highlights

Qingkou Hani Village is a typical Hani village set among the picturesque Yuanyang rice terraces 6 kilometers south of Xinjie Town of Yuanyang County in the southern part of Yunnan Province.

The village is cloistered comfortably in the forested mountainside overlooking the world-famous, elaborate rice terraces built into the mountainsides over centuries. The houses in the village are the typical Hani mushroom-shaped houses made of clay, stone, brick or bamboo, with thatched roofs made of straw. They are typically built in three layers. The bottom one is used for livestock, and most of the living space for people is in the middle floor. The center of the village is the stone-paved Central Square.

The village is home to 150 households and more than 800 people of the Hani ethnic minority. The village maintains the ancient Hani folk customs represents the Hani terraced fields culture. It is a great place from which to view the fantastic terraces that spread across the landscape, and the colorful vegetation that adorns the mountainsides.

Local markets are also fascinating, though they are not active every day, so you need to check the schedule if you want to visit.

The village maintains an ecosystem that integrates the forest, water system, villages and terraced fields in a balanced, harmonious way that has enabled the people of the area to use and maintain the resources in renewable ways for centuries.

It is regarded as a model village in effective and sustainablel agricultural development. It protects its ecological balance while also promoting the development of its civilization.

Also worth seeing are the see-saw mill, the sacred forest, and the grinding mills, ploughs, spades, looms, and other tools of the Hani way of life.

Other things to see and do in the area include the Bada Rice Terraces, Shengcun Market, the Laohuzui Rice Terraces, Niujiaozhai Market, the Duoyishu Rice Terraces and a Yi Minority Dance.


Yuanyang County, Hani-Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe, Yunnan Province, China.

Travel Tips

Qingkou Hani Village is in Yuanyang County, Hani-Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe, in Yunnan Province. It's about 7 kilometers from the Yuanyang old town in Yuanyang Terrace National Wetland Park.

There are good guest houses in the village. There is no public transportation but it's possible to hire a driver to take you to the various sightseeing points of interest.

The best time to visit the terraces is from November to March, when the terraces are filled with water that reflects the sunshine or the sky.