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Introduction & Highlights

The Erhai Lake, also referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Plateau,’ is the second largest highland lake of Yunnan. Cycling around this area is an excellent way to explore the Silver Cangshan Mountain and Jade Erhai Lake scenery.

The Erhai Lake tourism road is 115 kilometres long. One option is to kick off your experience by cycling from the Dali Ancient Town to the Caicun Village. Caicun was a port used for traveling between East and West.

The Eastern side of the lake is said to be less hard-going and more scenic than the Western route. If you’re the kind of person that loves a good challenge, then this route is a good choice for you.

You will pass by Three Pagodas and arrive in Xizhou Old Town. In the end, you can drive back via the same route.

Xizhou Village is a typical town where you can meet Bai people, with the heritage here dating back over 1000 years. Taking in a visit to Xizhou, you'll be able to enjoy typical Bai architecture and houses as well as taste the traditional ‘Three Courses of Tea.’

Along the lake road, you can explore the picture-perfect features of the village, farmlands and riverbank elements.

Under the blue sky and white clouds and in the warm breeze, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake such as Three Pagodas, Mount Cangshan,

But if the traveler who wants to take a car or electric motorcycled, the road section along the east of Erhai Lake is a best choice.

Your biking tour begins in Dali Old Town, passing by Three Pagodas and stopping at the Xizhou Old Town, to explore. Continue heading to Zhoucheng and drive back via the same route.

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Best Time to Explore

The best time for cycling is late summer and early autumn in order to avoid the rainy season.

Suggest Route
Western Route

Dali Ancient City—Caicun Village—Three Pagodas—Xizhou Town (houses of Bais)

Eastern Route

Dali Ancient City—Caicun Village—Jinsuo Island—Small Putuo




1. Xizhou is located on the S221, so you will travel for about 26 kilometres on the lake road before turning left and heading to the S221 to Xizhou.

2. Don’t forget your sun and rain protection during one day’s riding. 

3. Do not cycle alone. Be sure to take on a trip organised by a travel agency or in a group for safety reasons.   

4. You can rent a bicycle in your hotel or in Dali Ancient Town.

5. The wind is always strong, so make sure you check the weather forecast before you start your trip.